Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a wooden fiber board with lots of nice properties. MDF Tricoya takes MDF to the next level since the material is extremely water resistant. When laser cutting the material get a nice black edge and strong parts that can be easily glued together with regular wood working glue, just like regular MDF. Because of its extremely water resistant properties the material is well suited for projects outside such as house facing, windows, playgrounds and signs.  Once mounted in a construction the movement of the material is minimal. MDF Tricoya is also well suited for sport equipment like snowboards and surfboards.

Available thicknesses and colors

  • 9mm - Natural
  • 6mm - Natural
  • 4mm - Natural

Cut width

~ 0.08-0.2mm

In MDF you usually don't need to compensate for the cut width. Just draw your parts with zero play and then let the laser beams width remove just a tiny bit more material to make your parts easier to assemble.

Sheet Size

  • 9mm - 1200mm * 800mm
  • 6mm - 1200mm * 800mm
  • 4mm - 1200mm * 800mm

How does it look once laser cut?

Hints from TechStation!

When bonding pieces together you can create incredibly strong joints by using a "tab" construction, where the parts are mechanically locked together. This also has the benefit of making the parts easy to align and assemble. Add glue and you are all set!

Instead of using "regular" wood working glue, we recommend that you use Alipatic Resin. This is due to two factors, it dries much faster and creates even stronger bonds.

When working with prototypes and test parts it is even possible place thread directly in the material. Very carefully use a thread tap to create your thread in a pre drilled hole. The thread will not be the strongest out there but if you are a little careful its usually enough to assemble parts together or for example try them out on larger constructions to see if you got the bolt pattern correct.


+ Extremely water resistant

+ Good mechanical properties

+ Simple to glue

+ Smooth surface

+ Good tolerances on the raw material


- Has to be pre-drilled

Mechanical properties:

  • Density: 600-800 kg/m3

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