3D scanning


3D scanning is the fastest and most effective way to determine the geometry of a part. Furthermore, potential defects within the part can be detected using 3D scanning when comparing the physical part to the computer model.

Since 3D scanning works as a transfer tool between the physical and digital part, your product development process will be simplified and you will save valuable time.

Reverse engineering

With 3D scanning we can create a CAD-model of your physical part. Hard to find spare parts is one example where 3D scanning comes in handy as well as handmade prototypes.   

Another common application is aftermarket products. 3D scanning offers the possibility to create a form-fitted part that goes together with an OEM-product.

If a CAD model of your product no longer exist we can help you recreate your CAD model using reverse engineering.

3D scanning as an analytical tool

Potential problems with your product can be detected when 3D scanning your produced product or part. 3D scanning is a helpful tool identifying error trends before they become a problem.

How does it work?

Receive part

You can ship your part to us or we can visit you at your location.

3D scanning

We use a high resolution non-contact optical scanning technology. 

3D modeling 

According to your requirements we can produce solid 3D models from the scanned data.


We will send you the produced 3D model as well as the scanned data of your part. 

Our capacity


  • Volumetric precision up to 0.045 mm + 0.3 mm/m

  • Scanning regardless of surface finish and color. 
  • The technology allows 3D scanning of both small and large parts. 
  • Scan point density down to 0.2 mm.


We use software such as Solid Works and Solid Edge when producing your 3D model.

How much does 3D scanning cost?

A 3D scanning project can cost anything between 1000 SEK up to 10 000 SEK or more. The pricing is highly dependent on the part complexity and resolution requirements.

We also offer 3D modeling (reverse engineering) and dimensional inspection. 

Do you want more information? Feel free to contact us! 

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