A special rubber developed for clean laser cutting. It has high resistance to alcohols and water.

Suitable for gaskets, seals and stamps.

Hardness: 60° Shore A ( +/-5°) /20°C 

Available thicknesses and colors

  • 3mm - Grey
  • 2.3mm - Grey
  • 1mm - Grey

Cut width

~ 0.1-0.2mm

Sheet Size

  • 3mm - 290mm * 205mm
  • 2.3mm - 410mm * 290mm 
  • 1mm - 290mm * 205mm

How does it look once laser cut?

Hints from TechStation!

If you wish to use this material to make a stamp, select deep engraving during your file upload.


+ Good sealing properties

+ Minimal charring

+ No smell

Mechanical properties:

  • Density: 800-1000 kg/m3
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