Fiber gasket suitable for valve covers, oil sumps, carburetors, gearboxes and more. Good resistance against oil, petrol, heat and most solvents.

Available thicknesses and colors

  • 0.8mm - Grey
  • 0.4mm - Grey

Cut width

~ 0.15-0.3mm

Sheet Size

  • 0.8mm - 950mm * 450mm
  • 0.4mm - 950mm * 450mm

How does it look once laser cut?

Gasket material

Gasket material

Gasket material

Hints from TechStation!

To create a perfect replica of an existing gasket, scan the gasket or metal part directly in a photocopier. Use the image as a background in your favorite modeling or vector drawing program and trace the outlines. Once done scale your part to match measurements from the real part. 


+ Good chemical resistance

+ Good sealing properties


- Made of fibers

Mechanical properties:

  • Density: 300 kg/m3

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