Lite Ply is an excellent material for applications where weight is a concern. Lite Ply is a plywood material where the core is made of balsa wood and the outer surfaces are made of poplar.

Lower weight compared to Aircraft grade plywood but much stronger than balsa wood.

Available thicknesses and colors

  • 4mm - Natural
  • 3mm - Natural
  • 2mm - Natural

Cut width

~ 0.08-0.2mm

In Lite Ply you usually don't need to compensate for the cut width. Just draw your parts with zero play and then let the laser beams width remove just a tiny bit more material to make your parts easier to assemble.

Sheet Size

994mm * 194mm

How does it look once laser cut?

Lite Ply

LitePly 2mm - Cut

Lite Ply 2mm - Line Engrave

Lite Ply 2mm - Fill Engrave

Hints from TechStation!

When bonding pieces together you can create incredibly strong joints by using a "tab" construction, where the parts are mechanically locked together. This also has the benefit of making the parts easy to align and assemble. Add glue and you are all set!

Instead of using "regular" wood working glue, we recommend that you use Alipatic Resin. This is due to two factors, it dries much faster and creates stronger bonds.


+ Light

+ Good mechanical properties

+ Simple to glue

+ Simple to cut, sand and saw


- Color variations across different sheets and thicknesses

Mechanical properties:

  • Density: 300-450 kg/m3

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