Are you having trouble uploading your file?

Things to check:

  • Your file is a DXF. DXF is a standard format for vector files that most 3D and 2D programs can create. To save your file a DXF you either have to click "Save as" or "Export" and select the DXF file format. Please double check that the name of your file ends with .DXF.
  • Your file is a ASCII formatted DXF. Currently our site only reads ASCII formatted DXF files. This is the most common format but some softwares still output binary. If you have the option which to use when creating your DXF file please select ASCII format. (trying to upload a binary DXF will result in error 008)

Common problems:

  • Wrong scale. When you save your file please select the correct scale. If you are working in a 2D graphics program like Adobe Illustrator or InkScape select that 1 unit = 1 mm. The selection dialog for this usually appears when you go to export your DXF file. If your drawings are in inches please save your DXF file in millimeters, to get the correct size on your ordered parts.
  • Text is missing. To be able to upload text to TechStation you have to "expand" your text before you save your file to DXF. Please do a web search for "expand text" followed by the name of the program you are working with. If you are using a 3D CAD software this is usually not a problem, but its often solved by "cutting" your text into your part, before you save your DXF file.
  • There are lines missing. If this happens it would be great if you could send your file to We'll take a look and change the software so that it supports your file!

Please send your file to and I'll help you get sorted.

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