Does your file look strange? Are the wrong parts selected?

Under the tab "View Part" you can see how the program interprets your file.
Problems can arise when your contours are not fully closed or there are several lines on top of each other.

Open contours
The lines do not create a fully closed area. In the worst case this can cause your parts to fail during manufacturing, do too the fact that the part isn't fully cut out from the material. Usually the "gaps" in your contours might be so small that they are not noticeable.

How to fix it:
To fix this problem you can try these two functions: "Create lines to fully close selected" or "Create one line to close selected".
Both these functions can be found in the tab "Edit part", under "Advanced functions".
First select the contour that failed to create a closed area and click "Create lines to fully close selected".
This should solve the problem.

Several lines on top of each other
Another common problem that can produce strange results in "View Part" is if your file contains lines that are stacked on top of each other.
Our website automatically removes any duplicate lines (where both the start and endpoint are the same).
But your file can still contain shorter line segments stacked on top of each other as long as there start and end points aren't the same.
These lines can be hard to see directly on the website, but usually you can notice that the lines are thicker at the segments where more than one line resides.

How to fix it:
Select the contour that failed to create a closed area and click "Break selected".
This will split the contour into its separate elements so that you can select them one at a time.
Select all lines that reside on top of other lines and click "Delete selected".
Now click "Join all" to once again join all the elements into a contour.

If you happen to remove the wrong line, use the function "Undo delete" to recover your deleted line, or select the rest of the contour and use the function "Create one line to close selected".

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