The price of your part is calculated from the following:

  1. How much material is used.
  2. How long time your part will take to produce. (The length of all cut and engrave lines and the area of any fill engraving.
  3. The options you have chosen for your part.

How to make your part cheaper:

  1. Place all your parts of the same material and thickness into one DXF file. Take your time placing your parts so that there is minimal wasted material. Don't forget to leave at least 2mm between your parts to reduce the risk of damage to your parts during cutting.
  2. Choose a thinner material. The material thickness effects both the material cost and cutting speed.
  3. Minimize the area to be fill engraved. If you for instance have a logo with a large font it is often much cheaper to have it line engraved instead of fill engraved.
  4. Remove unnecessary lines.

Happy creating!

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